God’s Response to a short psalm

My short psalm:

Lord, I’m on my knees again. I didn’t choose to be, but I’m too weak to stand.

Lord, I’m on my knees again, the yoke You placed on my shoulders is too heavy. 

Lord. I’m on my knees again, I didn’t fall in worship, I just fell.

But while I’m here, may I wash Your feet? I have no soap, just my tears – are they enough?

God‘s Response:

I feel your tears as they hit my feet like precious jewels, and my heart melts. In the midst of your pain, you choose to anoint me. My response to such sacrificial worship is to sing over you.

Let me rest here with you and allow your tears to soak my feet – they are enough, give what you can, I don’t ask for more. If you have nothing, give me your nothingness.

I am always with you, but there are times when you cannot see my face, just my back. On those days look at my shoulders – you share your yoke with these shoulders. Soon, I will turn and you will see my face, I will lift you up and together we will make the impossible happen.

Endless Love to you. 

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  1. Thank you Iain for this I can so relate with this thank you for being so honest I love the response of God xx


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