References for Life

– Almost nothing
– Once in parable of sower where seed was choked by life’s worries, riches, pleasures, desires Lk 8 v 14
– Once when poor widow gave everything she had to live on, ll her bios Mk 12 v 44
– twice in Lk 15 where the prodigal son took half of his father’s bios, and later when the brother moaned about it!
– Don’t worry about it Mt 6:25
– Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his psuche for his friends. Jesus did that for us Jn 15 v 13
– Lose it for me, and save it Mt 10 v 39/16 v 25
– Love it and you’ll lose it, hate it and you’ll will keep it for eternal zoe Jn 12 v 25
– Hate (love less than..) it to be Jesus’ disciple Lk 14 v 26
– The Good Shepherd lays down his psuche for the sheep Jn 10 v 15
– ‘Take My yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your psuche.’
– Love the Lord with all your psuche Mt 22 v 37
– Jesus gave it as a ransom for many Mt 20 v 28
– In John 12 v 27 Jesus says ‘ My psuche is troubled – shall I ask my Father save me? No, it was for this very reason that I came.’
– I have come to give you abundant life Jn 10 v 10
– Eternal and everlasting Jn 3 v 16
– It’s in the Father and it’s in the Son Jn 5 v 26
– I am the resurrection and the life jn 11 v 25
– God’s word is Life Jn 12 v 50
– I am the way, truth and Life Jn 14 v 6
– I am the Bread of life – you won’t hunger or thirst and you’ll live for ever! Jn 6 v 35, 48
– Drink Jesus’ water and it will spring of water welling up to everlasting life Jn 4 v 14
– Obtained by believing in the Son Jn 3:16
– Narrow road Mt 7:14
– It’s for the righteous Mt 25 v 46
– Does not consist of abundance of possessions or relationships Mt 19 v 29, Lk 12 v 15
– Better to enter maimed, crippled or blind Mt 18 v 8, 9
– Jesus is the light of the world, follow Him and you’ll have the light of life Jn 1 v 4
– Those who believe in God who sent Jesus, have this life and will never be condemned Jn 5 v 24
– The Scriptures on their own will not give life, but they point to Jesus! Jn 5 v 39
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