The First Post….but not the Last!

It’s tough, this creative business. How do you do this stuff? I’m just a bloke with some physical issues and a call from God to write something about my life. And so, creatively juiced up or not, I’m here learning on the blog.

I wasn’t always physically restricted, I used to be fit, musical (ish) and part of our church leadership team. I used to wear a Naval Officer’s uniform at work. I used to play squash, golf, 5-a-side, and run a few miles at lunchtime. I used to love driving through the countryside. I used to eat loads and not get fat. I used to enjoy a gin & tonic, or southern comfort on the rocks. I used to sing. I used to speak in public and win prizes. I used to read avidly.

I don’t now.

I lost all this 9 years ago and it almost wiped me out. I was a broken mess, and yet God spoke to me very clearly one evening soon after I came out of hospital. I was lying on my back at church feeling useless and pitiful and I told God, “I’ve got nothing, I have no faith left” and then a minute later as a desperate afterthought, “how much faith do I need?”

“Not much” came God’s swift reply. “Just enough to hear what I say to you. And do it”.

So simple. And yet so profound I lay there awestruck – “How much faith?” “Not much” Wow!!! Something about mustard seeds sprinted across my mind and right then a huge burden fell off my life – I didn’t need to rev up faith for healing, or pump it up to be someone I wasn’t, or find some hype to sort myself out – I just had to hear Him and do what He said. That’s what I’m doing with this blog. More later……..

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  1. Well done, Iain. So typical of your courage and sincerity in the face of a massive trial. I welled up when I read about your conversation with God after coming out of hospital. I know a little about this after my own struggle this past year. Pls keep writing. We want to hear your unique story as you listen to heaven. Martin

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  2. Thank you all for your comments, much appreciated. I wanted to expand a little more about the impact of God’s words about faith ‘Not much, just enough to hear Me and do what I say’. At the time I heard that, it was a lifejacket that kept me afloat and I particularly focussed on the ‘Not much’ bit! Looking at it now, I think of Abraham who is seen as a great man of faith, so much so that it was ‘credited to him as righteousness’. He was way short of perfect, so what did he do to get this recorded in Genesis and then quoted by in the Psalms and Romans, Galatian, Hebrews and James? Simply, he heard God and did what He said.
    Foundational stuff!


    1. Righteousness does not equal sinless perfection. I see you, Iain, as being a “man after God’s own heart.”


  3. Thank you Lord for Ian!! What a joy to know you Ian, you are a gift to us, profound, beautiful, honest and vulnerable, challenging and impacting, drawing us ever into his presence and stirring a desire in us to know him in every part of our lives and life’s experience.

    Love ya xx
    More Lord!!

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  4. Iain, thank you for your openess and honesty and never forget the profound impact you have had on my life. I look forward to reading more!


  5. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, great pic of you and really encouraging testimony of God speaking faith into you look forward to further blogs cheers Steve


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